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expanding the story


an organised meet up for a specific amount of children will be arranged: each child picks their ...

Added by: Georgia • 22 August 2014 • 1 Thumbs up • 2 Comments

Mythical Writers


They've hunted the mythical characters around the library, they've got their mythical character o...

Added by: EdSouthgate • 09 August 2014 • 3 Thumbs ups • 1 Comment

Fold-over authors!


With a group of children (small or large) sat down in a circle, provide each with a sheet of pape...

• 29 August 2013 • 3 Thumbs ups • 0 Comments

Progress - how to track it


This is a good idea to fill up some empty wall space and children will like it too because they c...

Added by: hbuck • 10 August 2014 • 1 Thumbs up • 0 Comments